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Rabobank (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈraːboːbɑŋk]; full name: Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking. The group comprises 89 local Dutch Rabobanks (2019), a central organisation (Rabobank Nederland), and many specialised


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor teamwork and poor culture"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Invasion of ABN people made the place so political Crap pay and crap benefits Abuse of power by senior management especially by senior HR head Downsizing cut costs and spend lots on expats"

Former Employee - Changeover Crew says

"Hours are weird & not consistent. You don't get to go to events for free."


"1. I have to do what my JD suggested I should do + Mundane works that the company should’ve clearly hire a FTE to do... 2. The communication across functions are just not there. Everything is complicated by how inefficient this is. 3. Very little training or development opportunities, even if I specifically asked. 4. Pay and benefit below average."

Current Employee - Consultant/Associate says

"Poor management, lack of vision.."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"-Low compensation -Minimal deal flow -Weak senior management; very hierarchical -Bad culture/work environment"

Former Employee - Credit Office says

"Very hard to switch jobs, once you're in a position, you're stock in that position even though you show initiative to move up to another position. Other departments only interview you because they have to. Some of the front office staff is very incompetent and difficult to work with."

Former Employee - Manager says

"The culture changed significantly where bullying was tolerated. Unfortunately, executives are aware of the numerous examples of bullying however do not stand up and take action against bullies. Employees are hesitant to speak up as it is not safe to do so and there is no consequence to those who bully."

Current Employee - Accountant says

"No career progression, the 2 heads have been there for a long time and they’re not going anywhere unless they’re pensioned off or made redundant. It’s a stagnant pond where people just don’t have to try much and the same old faces are like old furniture. Everyone is dreaming of a big pay off from the Dutch without realising this might not materialise. Competence is not highly regarded and it’s a mates working culture where things are not done properly and people just get away with not doing things by the book. It’s shambolic so best to stay there for a couple of years and then move on!"

Former Employee - Operations says

"A severe state of delusion exists within senior and middle management in the Sydney head office. Unqualified and untalented individuals are appointed to leadership positions so as to maintain the self serving agendas of those at the top. Constructive advice about business direction and day to day task management is ignored by those who understand it the best. Moral is at an all time low and this reflective in the astonishing level of staff turnover."

Medewerker Klantenservice Rabobank Bedrijven (Former Employee) says

"Het is maar net bij welke afdeling je komt te werken, maar ik had pech. Het meest vervelende waren de talloze gesprekken met klanten die terecht klachten hadden en je af moest wimpelen met standaard reacties. Bij het overgrote deel van de gesprekken was het werk niet meer als noteren en doorzetten naar een andere afdeling. Management gaat met je om als een nummer, verlenging en doorgroeien was geluk hebben, men moest net op het juiste moment op de juiste plek zijn in plaats van goed presteren. De werksfeer was stressvol en iedereen voor zijn eigen carrière i.p.v. samen werken voor een beter resultaat en efficiënte werkwijze. Procesverbeteringen werken slecht, ze komen uit een ivoren toren en er wordt slecht geluisterd naar de werkvloer.Mooie werkomgevingSlecht management"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Great business plan but not executed well. The office management was organized and easy to work in. Learned a lot of office skills such as Microsoft programs such as excel and office"

ASST VICE PRESIDENT (Former Employee) says

"salary is good but work load is too much. Our Head Operation Director takes lot of leaves and puts work pressure on others.So they are paid well and take advantage as no one is there to bother them."

System Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Manager talked negatively about several employees which caused several talented IT technicians to leave the company. Manager is childish and unprofessional."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Branch and Market Management allowed to abuse staff and HR didn't even do their job as an HR rep. in assisting employee resolve issue. Everything was one-sided, Executive Management was very good, but not aware of what their management & HR team are getting away with. Others were promoted and compensated while the manager that helped them get bonuses wasn't compensated, instead held as the scapegoat for other items. When asked for individual training, I was told it wouldn't be beneficial, so basically set up to fail.NoneBranch management, Hr, salary, too much politics"

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"- Plezierige collega's - Een bedrijf dat in de achterhoede bezig is een speler op de Nederlandse markt te blijven. In Utrecht is de coöperatieve structuur met al haar goede maatschappelijke bijdragen afgebroken."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company does not acknowledge office staff when they are the people working late hours for the manager to present well at meetings or events. Compensation horrible.Management needs training on how to speak and interact with staff"

Application Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Executives are cutting positions radically with no notice to employees. Low morale among staff. Managers are not qualified for their positions. A lot of backstabbing going on.Good LocationToo many to list"

customer service (Former Employee) says

"I learned nothing in this position. I just took the job to watch the shows and enjoy the entertainment. I would work here again just for that reason alone."

cateringmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Een typische dag is het wanneer er zich veel hectische momenten voordoen. Dat vind ik juist het fijne aan het werk. Lekker druk bezig zijn! Ik vind de mate van zelfstandigheid en veelzijdigheid leuk aan dit werk. Ik hou van een warme sfeer met een bedrijfscultuur van hard werken en tevreden gezichten.Goede arbeidsvoorwaardenn.v.t."

Training Support Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I have consistently had problems with coworkers and when I reached out to HR I was told to suck it up. Disturbing trend towards pop culture job evaluation. Pointing out coworkers weaknesses and basically tearing down any achievements because they feel that the only way to have a great work environment is for everyone to be walking around on eggshells fearing they will make a mistake.Good health insurance programlow pay, poor morale, inept management"

Usher/Ticket Taker (Former Employee) says

"There was hardly any work that needed to be done. They gave really bad hours with poor pay. No body talked to each other and it's just a sad place to work"

IFRS, Broker-Dealer (Current Employee) says

"Foreign Bank Culture Lots of Expats Little to no advancement opportunities Pay is below market for many positions Too much work and too little people to do it"

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The bank has changed so much on the last three years, It advertises it self as a community bank, when in reality they are not."

Human Resources, Benefits Specialist Senior (Former Employee) says

"Negative - not employee friendly. Low morale, always laying off employees. Unreason goals and expectations.Co-workers were great, the hardest part was the additional work after repeated restructuring.Nice facilityNegative not employee friendly"

Facilitair medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Het leuke van deze baan is het specialistische karakter. Zo had ik b.v. wagenparkbeheer en sleutelbeheer in mijn portefeuille. Regelmatig bediende ik de Servicedesk waardoor ik mij gespecialiseerd heb in het facilitair softwarepakket Planon.Veel geleerd met MS-officegeen"

Çay Kahve Servis Elemanı (Former Employee) says

"Rabobankta çaycı olarak insanların çalışmasını tavsiye etmem."

Financial Analyst-Commercial Banking Group (Former Employee) says

"Management is poor which leads to constant change of procedures and policies. Very hard to keep up with the constant changes. I would not recommend this place."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A company that says they will pay you between this and that, but then says that raises are on hold because the bank violates BSA regulations and pays "millions of dollars a year" to the government. That's pretty much all you need to know about working at Rabobank and especially the branches in the Santa Barbara area, which are all managed by people who lie and cheat the system (points based compensation system) to get ahead. I have never seen such dishonesty and cronyism in my life, nor such inappropriate relationships between management and subordinates. The only people left working here are morons, liars and cheats, and that is a kind way of saying it.nothingeverything"

Closing (Former Employee) says

"Working here has too many gossips and people without experience and degrees. Its doesn't matter how smart or how hard you work you just need to kiss A**.Full time hours and benefitsEveryone gossips too much and manager affairs"

Anna C says

"I don't recommend Rabobank! They are not trustworthy, nor transparent. Their customer service SUCKS. I wanted to open a business account in Rabobank. I've recently registered a business. I am not a private client of this bank. I decided it will be smart to divide income and not to keep all in one place. The bank said that they don't want to open an account to me. Although the website says you can open a business account while you don't have a private one. Absurd. Process: I called to the bank to open the account. I've been asked if I have a private account 3 times (call menu, one person, second person). I said no 3 times. Then the second person showed discrimination towards me refusing to open the business account. The reason - because I don't have any services or products that I use by Rabobank. And that I don't want to say in which bank I have my private savings. And because I indicated the reason why I chose Rabobank for my business account as it is one of the biggest banks (so I can trust it). The questions were asked in the form of enquete. It seemed not obligatory, not transparent anyways. No information on my side other than name and kvk number were checked. So without anything about me they make a choice of their clients. Pure discrimination. Simply he didn't like me and didn't like that I don't want to answer a question about my private savings. But my private account is my private thing. If this is an obligatory question then it has to be clear and transparent. NOT RECOMMENDED. I don't want an account there after all this even for free."

wout says

"This review is just about the app. Compared to other banks app. It's a disastrous product, especially for online payments in a webshop, almost every time you have to look for your bankcard and scanner, What the...k Not so much problems further accept there interest in credit"

Daniel McLachlan says

"We are relatively new clients off Rabobank having invested recently some of our Super Funds in an Investment Account. Accounts with other Banks had matured and we looked at investing with Rabobank with a new Account.Looking at their web site an accessing the various areas to open accounts is daunting so called the Call Centre for help. After a long, frustrating discussion and transfer of Digipass/Pin Numbers via the small, Calculator type machine which is difficult read we tried 3 times to access the relevant web page. After accessing this I found that to open a new account we had to transfer our funds into the existing account then transfer out again to a new account. Probably with the new account having to go through the whole process again. I then made the decision to terminate the discussion and the new transaction. That we have accounts with other banks who have more user friendly web sites with simple steps enabled me to draw a comparison with Rabobank. Their IT system is an IT Engineers delight and the system designed for IT Engineers NOT CUSTOMERS. I think that Rabobank should have a complete review of their web site, access to accounts etc and develop a site that is user friendly."

Theo van Zoest says

"In my opinion, RABO Bank Nederland is a very customer-unfriendly bank. They just throw me out as a customer because they suspect me of fraud without any reason. After almost 50 years a good customer as an entrepreneur. Shame! The reason that as an entrepreneur of a gas station (highway) I paid fairly large amounts of cash into the account with RABO Bank. So I did this 3 times a week for almost 50 years. Suddenly I had to answer a lot of questions here over the past few years. My comments with explanations had no results. Shame!"

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